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Massage Services

Rebecca Roberts, LMT is your Tacoma massage therapist and specializes in several key areas of massage and healing techniques. From deep tissue to Thai massage and beyond, Rebecca is dedicated to helping your body to heal from injury and the stresses of everyday life. Her approach includes intuitive massage, which makes the mind, body, spirit connection to bring the body to it’s most healthful space and moves you toward your best self. As a healer, Rebecca has been doing hands on energy work since she was 16. Her natural ability to connect with those in need of healing makes her an excellent partner on your journey to wellness. Pregnancy massage has long been a passion of Rebecca’s and she has felt honored to work with both Mom and Baby.

Deep Tissue
Myofacial Release
Thai Massage
Lymphatic Drainage

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Energy Work

Sound Healing
Singing Bowls
Tuning Forks

Additional Spa Services
Hot Towels
Essential Oils